Perlisten Audio S7t Loudspeaker Review

June 6, 2022 Comments Off on Perlisten Audio S7t Loudspeaker Review

Surprisingly, however, I felt I was hearing it in a way I hadn’t before, not in terms of microscopic detail, but in imaging. And at this scale, this resolution and with this dynamic flavour, you remember why it’s a track destined to lurk in every audiophile’s collection. It was spine-tingling, emotional stuff, and I never wanted Gilmour to stop wailing.

As for getting a sense of the recording space, and painting a visual picture, the S7t doesn’t fail. Rogrido y Gabriela’s furious flamenco guitar jam ‘Terracentric’ [Mettavolution, Rubyworks; 44.1kHz/24-bit] had a degree of physicality that was tangible. The feeling of air being shifted by these speakers was palpable, as was the evocation of the duo on a small stage. Again, these speakers do ‘loud’ with real class so, naturally, you wouldn’t buy the S7t (or SE) to play them quiet. But you should definitely think about buying them.


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