PrimaLuna EVO400 integrated amplifier $5595 Review

June 8, 2022 Comments Off on PrimaLuna EVO400 integrated amplifier $5595 Review

When I asked California tube guru and PrimaLuna importer Kevin Deal about the duo of uncooperative 12AU7s, he said it could simply have been a break-in issue: “Sometimes a new tube that gets a little noisy just needs to be reinserted or moved.” He added that his company, Upscale Audio, has retubed about 75,000 components and that many tubes that people send in as faulty test fine. “A tube that’s noisy in a gain stage may be perfectly quiet as a driver or phase splitter.”

Everything else about the EVO 400 was hunky dory. No hum emanated from the speakers or directly from the amplifier, not even when the room was dead quiet and I placed my ear practically against the drivers of my Tekton Moab speakers, which have a specified sensitivity of 98dB.


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