Chario Aviator Amelia loudspeaker $7590 Review

June 15, 2022 Comments Off on Chario Aviator Amelia loudspeaker $7590 Review

Plenty of thought and care went into designing and making the Chario Aviator Amelias. Their delivery seems unforced and easy—but not “easy” as in laid-back. Easy as in effortless. They possessed a smooth, vivid naturalism. They’re big on immediacy—not shy about delivering a punch.

The Amelias sound bigger than they are. They were easily able to fill my high-volume listening room with sound. They share a bit of “omni” character with my MBL 120 loudspeakers, perhaps because of drivers on three of six surfaces dispersing sound throughout the room. The impression was of a wider, fuller sound than expected, though not to the extent of the MBL 120s, which are true omnis. I’d consider buying these if the time were right. It’d be easy to spend a similar amount of money and get inferior sonic results.


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