Ampsandsound Zion Amplifiers $24,000 Review

June 19, 2022 Comments Off on Ampsandsound Zion Amplifiers $24,000 Review

In all honesty, I have never heard a bad ampsandsound product. Some of their products did not match my needs, but all were excellent, and at their price points provided a level of value rarely found in high end audio. The Zions are no exception to that rule even at their $24,000 retail price. Most people who have purchased the Zions did so because they had never heard a better amplifier. I have spoken to several of them to confirm. I count myself in the group and I am very happy about it. It has become my reference and every amplifier that comes into my listening room is now measured against the Zions. The fact that they are based on one of audio’s most famous and fabled amplifiers is just icing on my listening cake.

If you want the equivalent of a 911 GT3 in your audio rack, the Zions should be on your short list. They are exceptional in every way. I wish they were easier to work with, but if that is the cost for the performance, then it’s a cost I will happily pay. As I said earlier in the review, I own the Zions, I believe more people should. They have my highest recommendation.


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