Chord Mojo 2 USB DAC/Headphone Amp Review

June 20, 2022 § Leave a comment

Nevertheless I was also keen to hear the Mojo 2 as just a DAC, with a Toslink connection from a universal player and the analogue out into my regular system. Fed with George Harrison’s All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary [Capitol/Dark Horse/Apple 02435 65238], I ran it alongside a couple of highly-regarded DACs which I’m choosing not to embarrass. Chord’s Mojo 2 delivered such smooth, silky, open, transparent and undigital sound that it’s now a reference in my system.

Downsides? The Mojo 2 begs for a tiny touchscreen, as does the Poly, to make it usable for those of us who cannot tell the difference between, say, Pantone 290CS and 291CS colours regardless of ambient lighting. But, ergonomics aside, as both a DAC and a headphone amp, the Mojo 2 is amazing.


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