Mad Scientist Black Magic Speaker Cables Review

June 22, 2022 Comments Off on Mad Scientist Black Magic Speaker Cables Review

I am much impressed with these cables and if you ask me, the Mad Scientist has really outdone himself. Both the 2-Core and 4-Core versions provide a sound that seems to have been lost in so many other brands. These days, cables seem to be all about being more and more polished and refined, to the point that the musical message gets glossed over and the raw energy is lost. I am surprised and amazed to find what is in many ways the opposite of this trend with the Black Magic cables.

I have heard plenty of very accurate cables that managed to kill the soul of the music in the process. The Black Magic cables may be highly accurate and superbly neutral, but they do not sound damped or over-controlled in any way. Rather, they fully conduce the full extent of the lyrical and “singing” qualities of every recording and they have blown me away with the immensely solid, visceral, energetic, toe-tapping, dynamic, and joyful presentation that they elicit from both the NuPrime and the CH A1.5.


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