KEF Blade One Meta Loudspeaker £33,000 Review

June 23, 2022 Comments Off on KEF Blade One Meta Loudspeaker £33,000 Review

At the heart of the Blade One Meta is the latest version of the Uni-Q, now in its 12th generation and complete with KEF’s Metamaterial Absorption Technology – also used in the company’s updated Meta versions of its Reference series. The driver combines a 25mm dome tweeter with a stiffened dome and a revised tweeter gap damper to accommodate the metamaterial absorber behind it. This circular device uses a complex maze-shaped structure of channels to absorb a claimed 99% of the sound from the rear of the tweeter – or, as KEF puts it, it acts as ‘an acoustic black hole’ – to give a purer, cleaner mid/treble output [for a deep dive into Meta, see HFN Jun ’21].

Finally, the company’s familiar ‘tangerine’ segmented waveguide is used to control, and widen, treble dispersion. The tweeter sits in the throat of a 125mm aluminium-cone midrange unit with a new motor designed for extremely low distortion. The surround is redesigned to allow longer excursion while the profiles have been reworked to smooth the transition from the face of the driver to the cabinet geometry.


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