Monet Power Cable from Crystal Cable $6190 Review

June 24, 2022 Comments Off on Monet Power Cable from Crystal Cable $6190 Review

The Monet defied the silver stereotype. The lower-midrange and bass bands are well represented, even slightly favored. Secondly, images are endowed with healthy amounts of body and far from being model-slim. Third, the tonal temperature veers slightly to the warm side. About the only things that did conform to the silver stereotype were the sweet timbres and musicality. Placing the Monet on the often used analytic/musical metric, it would land to the musical side.

Audiophiles are always chasing the twin muses of resolution and musicality. One doesn’t readily encounter strong performance in both from a single product. The Monet Power Cable gives you the whole package and delivers a performance that would easily hold its own in a field of competitors at the $10K/2m range.


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