Aavik I-180 Integrated Stereo Amplifier $7200 Review

June 25, 2022 Comments Off on Aavik I-180 Integrated Stereo Amplifier $7200 Review


In order to encounter the I-180 in full bloom – as described above – and enable it to present all its qualities, we advise you to try it in combination with external cables and then in full Danish regalia, i.e. together with Aavik devices and Ansuz accessories. Rarely in the past have we been able to perceive so clearly the differences that can come to light when a developer is able to implement his vision of music reproduction down to the smallest detail of a setup, as done here by Michael Borresen.

You might now object on the grounds that this requires a not inconsiderable amount of additional budget. That will indeed remain unchallenged, but the fact that what you get even then goes quite a bit beyond what is usual in this price range ought to be added. It’s a great amp on its own, but the whole team together poses a challenge even for much more e


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