JansZen Valentina P8 loudspeaker $9250 Review

June 25, 2022 Comments Off on JansZen Valentina P8 loudspeaker $9250 Review


The reason I discussed the setup of the JansZen Audio Valentina P8 at such length was that this is a speaker that requires such attention to detail in order to get it to sing. But as I found in my auditioning, when everything is just right, this made-in-America loudspeaker can indeed sing, as long as you are in the sweet spot. I particularly appreciated the detailed, transparent midrange and treble, the articulate, reasonably extended low frequencies, and the well-defined imaging. To repeat J. Gordon Holt’s words about the 1966 JansZen speaker, the Valentina P8 offered a “musically natural window” to the sound of my favorite recordings. And I must include a tip of the hat to David Janszen for his comprehensive manual, which I found essential during the setup process


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