July 1, 2022 Comments Off on KEF KC62 SUBWOOFER REVIEW

The KEF KC62 is a first-rate subwoofer for either a straight stereo system or a multi-channel home theater system. It’s specified to get up to 105 dB which is quite loud. Both my rooms are medium to small, so it’s possible in a larger room cranked up really loud it might falter, but when I drove it hard, I would have had to leave the room to tolerate the volume it could cleanly reproduce.

I haven’t heard any of the other well-regarded small subwoofers, and I have no doubt they are excellent. I can say that while expensive, the KEF KC62 certainly punches above its weight, and provided clean, distortion-free deep bass from every subwoofer killer demo I could throw at it. You could spend less on other subs, of course, but I doubt they would equal the breakthrough design and capabilities of something that is so diminutive. Listening to a 15” subwoofer I have in my living room audio system, the KC62 seems to go deeper, but of course, it’s in a smaller, more easily driven room. Still, with the right room and the right high-quality equipment feeding the content, the KEF KC62 is a winner and worthy of your consideration.


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