KEF LSX II review

July 3, 2022 Comments Off on KEF LSX II review

We’re used to KEF’s UniQ driver producing a stereo image that’s like a bubble of sound and this quality is apparent with the new LSX. Play Tina Turner’s Proud Mary and the system gets the layering of all the different elements of the track spot on. As different elements introduce themselves such as the guitar, drums, Turner’s voice and the accompanying male voice hanging in the background, the music becomes more interesting to listen to – and that’s before she launches into the more frantic section of the track. Tonally, the whole presentation is extremely inviting and shows a lot of natural warmth. And this rings true whether you’re listening to the speakers in a more conventional set-up on the stands or you’re sitting more up close and personal using them on a desktop. The closer you get, the more precise and focused they sound – so from this point of view, they’re extremely flexible too.


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