Zu Audio Soul VI Loudspeakers $5995 Review

July 5, 2022 Comments Off on Zu Audio Soul VI Loudspeakers $5995 Review

I am left truly speechless when I think of how to describe the Soul VI to friends and audiophile colleagues. I want to tell people it is the perfect speaker; I also want to be transparent and say that I have not heard every speaker in the world so my ability to say it’s the “best” or “perfect” is nonexistent. However, they are easily the best speakers I have ever heard in my home, and they give me the same warm and fuzzies when I listen to them as I get when I listen to speakers like the Wilson Audio Sasha and the B&W 800 Diamonds in an acoustically treated dealer listening room. I did not have either of these speakers in my house so I can’t provide a direct comparison, but the fact that I get the same feeling, the same level of satisfaction, when literally nothing has done that before tells me how good these speakers sound.

The Soul VI has my highest recommendation. If you have a formal living room that you want to add a high end two channel system to, the Soul VI should be on your list. If you have a listening room that is on the smaller side, and you want a set of speakers that will show you everything and still be fun, the Soul VI should be on your list. If you want excellent sound, at a comparatively affordable price, that will scale with your stereo system into the $60k – $80k range then the Soul VI should be on be on your list. Thank you Sean, Phil, and the Zu Audio team. I liked the Soul VI so much that I bought it. I can’t provide a better recommendation than that.


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