Rega Elicit MK5 $3345 Review

July 14, 2022 Comments Off on Rega Elicit MK5 $3345 Review

Such an upfront nature means that this isn’t the most relaxed-sounding amplifier around. But, there’s enough in the way of finesse to stop this being an issue, as a music switch to Beethoven’s beautiful Moonlight Sonata shows. Here, the Elicit sounds nicely delicate and surefooted. Dynamic shifts are rendered with fluidity and there’s a pleasing sense of space in the presentation. As is Rega’s way, the presentation is slightly forward and brightly lit, but mostly this just serves to highlight the detail and clarity on offer. You do need to partner the Elicit with care though, as a bright or aggressive source or pair of partnering speakers may take things too far.

We’re pleased to report that the built-in phono stage continues the good work. It’s only compatible with moving magnet cartridges, but that’s likely to be fine in most of the systems the Elicit will be used in. The circuit is relatively quiet and retains the clarity and drive we like so much from the line inputs. We listen to a range of records, from Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run through to Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis, and never does the Elicit deliver results that are anything less than enjoyable. This is a fine all-rounder that sounds at home with just about every genre of music.


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