July 15, 2022 Comments Off on NAD C 700 BLUOS STREAMING AMPLIFIER $1,599 REVIEW

I enjoyed my time with the NAD C 700. It has a great deal of flexibility and a wonderful control interface. It was able to pull off the trick of stepping aside and letting the music take center stage. It’s just that this was less common than with much more expensive amplifiers.

I found that it was at its best when streaming high-resolution files, but it can also serve as the main nerve center for a more complex system, including vinyl. This little amp surprised me at times with the performances I heard and it excelled in staging, detail retrieval, and micro-dynamic shadings.

It was most comfortable driving the friendlier load of a pair of stand-mount speakers as opposed to the large, complex speakers I started with. So, if you have the right speakers and a mid-sized room, then the NAD C 700 may be just what you need to get your music fix on.


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