Schiit Audio Folkvangr Headphone Amplifier$1799 Only 250

July 17, 2022 § Leave a comment

Stoddard also explained he didn’t expect Folkvangr to be a big seller in any case, since it’s a very hot-running, impractical amplifier that doesn’t put out an especially large amount of power.

For those who are interested in Schiit’s all-out tube headphone amp, Folkvangr uses a total of 10 tubes–two matched 6N1Ps for input and voltage gain, and eight 6N6Ps for output. Eight separate DC servos keep the output tubes at a low level of offset, and an analog-computer-style protection system monitors and mutes the output in case of any tube mishaps.

At idle, the 10 tubes run 7.2A of heater current and 100mA of standing bias.

In addition to the tubes, Folkvangr offers a switchable impedance multiplier—an electronic circuit that operates similar to a transformer. Stoddard emphasizes this is “not a buffer, it’s output is in parallel with the tube stage, and has the same distortion profile.


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