Consonance Wax Engine and Charisma Eco

July 18, 2022 Comments Off on Consonance Wax Engine and Charisma Eco

Sound quality is as you’d expect from recordings of that era, and perhaps a little telephone-line-like. Having said that, there is good weight to the bottom end which the Eco was adept at retrieving. The midrange came across well, where most of the information is, and gave a wholly faithful rendition. The upper reaches; FFJ’s voice is poor at best, shrill (especially as the notes climb skywards) at worst, and because of the appalling vibrato and screechiness, very difficult to track cleanly.

All I can do is commend you to the Eco as one of the few cartridges I have had which has negotiated this disc without upset or mistracking. As much as it can be, FFJ’s voice was focussed, clearly presented, and definitely ‘there’ with bells on. I’m not sure whose poodles she had used as singing teachers, but they did a fantastic job, her ‘yelping’ being faithfully reproduced by my audio system. If you don’t believe me, please, I implore you, check out a recording of FFJ for yourself. 


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