Schiit Audio Ragnarok 2 Integrated Amplifier $1,499 Review

July 23, 2022 § Leave a comment

Having owned the original Ragnarok for a number of years, I remember rather well what it sounds like; I’m not sure that the differences between the two generations are enormous in that regard but I did think that the Ragnarok 2 delivered plenty of punch when called for but with good dynamics so quiet passages remained so.

I know that EIC Ian White disagrees with my assessment that the Ragnarok 2 is like a straight wire with gain; offering very little sound of its own. We’re both using rather transparent sounding loudspeakers so I doubt that we’re hearing the Ragnarok 2 on very different playing fields.

He finds the Ragnarok 2 to be slightly darker sounding and softer in the bass with his Magnepan LRS; he’s also comparing it to the $6,499 Cambridge Audio Edge A which is a lot more powerful than the Ragnarok 2 and far better at controlling the panels of the LRS with much less effort.


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