Primare I2S Prisma Review

August 3, 2022 Comments Off on Primare I2S Prisma Review

Some amps sound great and have fine powers of resolution and separation but show a tendency to homogenise, making contrasts – both bold and subtle – seem more similar than they should. The I25’s sound, conversely, cleaves towards a valued high-end ability to discriminate with meticulous care, not just in broad strokes but also in the finest detail. James Taylor’s latest album, American Standard, while hardly a stretch for the folksy balladeer and in danger of familiarity overkill, sounds more involving and emotionally invested than you’d credit, simple as that.

Clarity, speed, grip, strong dynamics, neutral tonality – the Primare has all its hi-fi ducks perfectly aligned in a row. But this counts for little if it fails to communicate the intention behind the playing and, again, we’re back in high-end territory. Irrespective of source – whether streaming the smooth soul of Anita Baker’s Sweet Love on Tidal or playing the densely layered musical complexities of Pat Metheny’s Imaginary Day on CD – the Primare combines impeccable timing with tight focus and a firm grasp of microdynamics, which does wonders for its ability to resolve nuance and inflection. It offers strong in-room presence where performers and instruments are portrayed with body and dimensionality in a truly spacious soundstage.


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