miniDSP SHD Power Integrated Amplifier-DAC $1549 Review

August 4, 2022 Comments Off on miniDSP SHD Power Integrated Amplifier-DAC $1549 Review

Those differences became more apparent when driving the MartinLogan loudspeakers in my main system. The miniDSP was able to drive the hybrid-electrostatic ESL 9s with greater ease than the Lyngdorf, which struggled to unravel complex passages at high levels. Playing Sting’s My Songs: Special Edition (24/44.1 FLAC, A&M Records / Interscope Records / Qobuz), “Desert Rose” had greater depth and width of soundstage and well-defined imaging of the vocals and instruments with the miniDSP. While the Lyngdorf’s presentation was a little vague, it still had that invitingly smooth Equibit sound. Adding the two JLA E‑Sub e112 subwoofers to the mix tipped the scales in favor of the Lyngdorf. While both amps benefited from the addition of the subs, the effect on the Lyngdorf, now freed of the requirement of amplifying the lower frequencies, was truly transformative. The mids and highs remained smooth and inviting but were more sharply focused. The synthesizer sounds and vocalizations of Sting and Cheb Mami swirled effortlessly between the speakers with wonderful openness, warmth, and coherence. The miniDSP too sounded better with the subs, but the soundstage did not open up as fully—the voices and instruments remaining more closely grouped together, and the sound remaining a little cool and not as lush.


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