August 5, 2022 § Leave a comment

The AK SP2000T’s bass is musically engaging with a tight and punchy delivery. Bass has good impact, but its presence is always civilized and controlled. If you want more bass, you will have to go for a bass focused IEM or earphone. Bass detail is good as well as the depth and layering. There is a nice sub rumble, but your IEM or headphone of course must be able to portray it.

The mid section has a very nice timbre, especially in hybrid and tube mode. Mids are spacious, airy and natural sounding. Vocals are perfectly situated, though they’re probably a tiny bit more to the front. Vocals carry a nice energy, especially in OPAMP amplification mode. Mid depth and layering are always good. Feed your SP2000T’s bad quality recording and the mids will suffer a lot. There in the mids still is room for improvement for wat concerns precision and decay, but that goes for the top and bottom end as well.


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