Grado RS1x $750 Review

August 9, 2022 Comments Off on Grado RS1x $750 Review

That the RS1x are dynamically gifted isn’t a surprise considering their open-back design, which is also why you won’t get as much bass depth as closed-back models typically offer. What acceptable levels of bass you do get, though, are textured and delivered with the same pleasing agility as the rest of the frequency range.

Going up in Grado’s range rewards you with greater subtlety and refinement, but the X Drivers have bridged the gap somewhat and we’re very fond of their exceptional clarity and fleet-footed musicality. We do actually find that you can make small gains in refinement and get slightly more bass presence by swapping the RS1x’s sponge on-ear earpads with the larger ‘over-ear’ versions that are supplied with the Statement Series but also available to purchase separately – a small upgrade, in our minds, but arguably worth it for the modest extra outlay.


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