TAD Evolution One TX Loudspeaker $29,995 Review

August 11, 2022 Comments Off on TAD Evolution One TX Loudspeaker $29,995 Review

The TAD Evolution One TX is an exemplary performer all-around and, thanks to the care that went into its design, one that will work well in a wide range of real-world listening environments. If your room isn’t palatial, but you still want sound that maintains coherency, detail, and timbral consistency as the music scales up, this could be the speaker for you. Sonically, the E1TX is competitive with similarly priced products from other top manufacturers, including some with the name of the company’s founder on the faceplate. If someone does ask who designed your loudspeaker, you can always point to the badge on the front baffle and say: “Oh, some guy named Tad.” I’m sure that Mr. Nagatani and the others on his talented team won’t mind.


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