Schiit Audio Freya Noval Pre Amp

August 23, 2022 Comments Off on Schiit Audio Freya Noval Pre Amp

Schiit Audio Reacts To Tube Supply, Intros The Freya Noval Pre Amp

It has been discussed on many occasions, but like traffic in Los Angeles – the world’s supply of tube has the capability to ebb and flow… (and/or stop completely). Even though there has been a few market freakouts, the supply and resulting cost per tube has realistically only gone up a small margin, for now. West coast and Texas amp maker Schiit Audio isn’t waiting to see what happens next. Based on the success of their popular tube pre amp Freya +, the budget audiophile favorite is making moves to ensure that their future supplies of Freyas don’t run out.

From designer Jason Stoddard’s morning email:

The scarcity (and prices) of tubes has a lot of people worried about the future. So, we thought we’d take a couple of steps to help with this uncertainty:
We’re re-introducing LISST, our Linear, Integrated Solid-State Tube, a MOSFET-based replacement for the 6SN7s used in our popular Freya+ preamp. This gives Freya+ purchasers a tube-like (tube-esque) option that won’t wear out like tubes


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