Von Schweikert Audio Endeavor Special Edition Loudspeaker $26,000 Review

August 28, 2022 § Leave a comment


In the here and now, I find myself utterly delighted by what this speaker does well. The ESE images with the precision of the best small monitor speakers that I have encountered, but stages with greater conviction owing to its ability to play cleanly in my room into the low 30s, perhaps even lower. Its clean midrange, near single-driver coherence, and lack of overt coloration, all coupled with the ability to unravel the densest musical passages will endear it to anyone who loves classical music. By the same token its rich tone, airy top end, and class-leading micro-dynamic expressiveness will utterly delight jazz and pop fans. I can’t predict whether hard rock fans will line up to sing its praises, but at least one metal head friend holds the ESE in very high regard.


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