Meze Audio Elite headphones Review

September 5, 2022 Comments Off on Meze Audio Elite headphones Review

The Elite headset weighs 430gm. Its headband is made of carbon fiber, its headrest of leather. Inside the Elite’s leather headrest, on each end, where it joins the sliding earcup pillars, are springy metal leaves that Meze calls “pressure distribution wings.” According to Meze, these wings relieve pressure points (on the user’s head) by encouraging the Elite’s headband to conform to a greater length of the head’s circumference.

My Elite review sample came packed in an aluminum briefcase, with two sets of earpads (one real leather, the other a leather-Alcantara hybrid), held in place magnetically with Meze’s own “Isomagnetic earpad coupling technology,” and a 2.5m cable that attaches to the headset with four-pin mini-XLR plugs and to my amplifiers with a 6.3mm plug. The Elite’s cable may be ordered with 3.5mm or XLR input terminations. Meze also offers two types of upgrade cables, each with four termination options, one made of braided “Furukawa PCUHD copper” wire, which Alexandra Rizolu says “adds warmth and smoothness,”


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