Audience aR12-T4 Power Conditioner $11,400 Review

September 6, 2022 Comments Off on Audience aR12-T4 Power Conditioner $11,400 Review

Sometimes you eagerly anticipate a product arrival, but when you put it in—zilch, nada—you don’t hear much difference. Then, if you throw a reference-quality CD in the tray—bam, it’s right there in front of you. That’s what happens when the product has very low coloration and high fidelity to the source.

This was the case with the adeptResponse Power Conditioner. The aR12-T4 doesn’t shift the frequency response one way or another or change the aural picture you already have. Instead, it’s a matter of good being made better. If you already have good sound, the aR12-T4 will make it better by applying the finishing touches, fleshing it out, and completing it. 

Midway through the audition, my path forward was laid out. The Audience adeptResponse was going to become my reference for the entirety of my system’s AC needs. It is a serious investment: $11,400 for the aR12-T4 + $6300 if you spring for a 2m frontRow High Power powerChord upgrade. That makes a tidy $17,700 to handle the front-end gear. Later on, I would add an aR6-T4 and a frontRow High Power powerChord for my amps. That’s $6600 + $6300, another tidy


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