Rosso Fiorentino Pienza Loudspeaker $4900 Review

September 10, 2022 Comments Off on Rosso Fiorentino Pienza Loudspeaker $4900 Review

records are uniformly fine sounding, a few so much that they’ve made their way to this magazine’s Super LP List. On her third release, The Window, you’ll find her moving take on “Somewhere” from West Side Story—a wonderful live recording on which she’s accompanied by collaborator-pianist Sullivan Fortner in a breathtaking give and take. All the qualities I’ve attributed to the Pienza were in evidence—wonderful purity, warmth, texture, a more-than-impressive sonic vanishing act. But ultimately it was my getting lost in their performance, actually tearing up at the song’s conclusion, that made me truly appreciate what Francesco Rubenni and his team have accomplished. Bravo! 


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