SME Model 60/Series VA Turntable $50,000 Review

September 17, 2022 Comments Off on SME Model 60/Series VA Turntable $50,000 Review

This astonishing, incredible level of detail never once left the Model 60 sounding like a surgical instrument heartlessly dissecting the music. Rather, its level of insight worked to knit the music together as a whole. Detail is definitely not the enemy; I’ve always found that more information equals more musical enjoyment, and the Model 60 showcased this theory exquisitely.

The sense of sumptuous clarity continued into the top end, with vocal performances in particular an absolute joy to behold. On the a cappella version of ‘Too Many Walls’ [12in single; Polydor CATHX 4], Cathy Dennis was a clear and vivid presence, her singing given a scale greater than I have ever heard. Even more striking was the reproduction of the track’s few vocal plosives, although – again – rather than being a distraction this just added to the sense of realism on offer.


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