Pure Fidelity Horizon Turntable $10,000 REVIEW

September 23, 2022 Comments Off on Pure Fidelity Horizon Turntable $10,000 REVIEW


Any complaints? Only the expanding popularity of this turntable along with inflation and global supply chain issues has caused the cost to rise somewhat significantly over the past two years. Is it still a value of $10,000 for the arm and table together? Answering that question in any type of objective sense would require a sample size of turntables most people will never even encounter, let alone spend time with. 

For me, the Pure Fidelity Horizon (USD $9995 incl. arm) fits the bill. It offers sonic clarity with an analog flow that only a good belt drive design can achieve. It showcases a beautiful and simple design with high-quality components, and it comes as a complete package that prevents the need to spend countless hours and dollars tweaking accessories and add-ons. Pair with one of the high quality 9” tonearms offered from either Origin Live or Acoustic Signature, and you have a turntable that can get you off the HiFi merry-go-round. For me, I’ve found my “last” turntable, and I couldn’t be happier.


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