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. I like having both when my house is noisy and I want to listen, I listen to the STEALTH, but as I am writing and the house is quiet the EXPANSE has made the music alive and more tuneful. If your looking for tonality and musicality either headphone will deliver.

Musicality is the most important aspect of any performance and the EXPANSE has a sound rarely if ever heard from any planar design. No matter what played the EXPANSE made the experience memorable. I found myself listening into the wee hours of the morning. Everything else became secondary and the EXPANSE allowed me to relax and get into the music. The soulful EXPANSE is a creative marvel with its ability to disappear. Comfortable to wear for marathon listening sessions it delivers everything you could want in reference transducers. Together with my reference Lina system, it’s headphone listening at its best. Once again Dan Clark sets a new benchmark in design. Highly recommended and a strong contender for product of the year.


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