Wilson Audio Alexia V Full $80,000 Review

October 3, 2022 Comments Off on Wilson Audio Alexia V Full $80,000 Review


The Alexia V has more than enough slam and attack to pressurize a room and pound the listener in the chest, should the music call for it. That’s a hallmark of Wilson speakers, that I know my friends in the music business appreciate and will enjoy even more through the V. What really grabbed me immediately when listening through the Alexia V, was the midrange. It’s just magical. The midrange is liquid in the way that mercury is liquid, rather than an undefined globule of water. Mercury has delineated edges yet a smoothness and an unmistakable appearance. The Alexia V’s midrange is also unmistakable and will present one’s favorite music, on a platter, again for the first time. 

I couldn’t be happier with my new Wilson Audio Alexia V loudspeakers. The look of the Silver Ice Pearl premium finish is stunning and the sound quality is second to none. It feels good to own an instant classic.  


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