October 6, 2022 Comments Off on YANYIN MOONLIGHT $650 REVIEW

The mids of the Moonlight sound dynamic, coherent, and engaging. The Moonlight is very successful at conveying emotion and more importantly, it does not sacrifice resolution and clarity while doing so like many other IEMs on the market. The vocals are clean, and articulate with a good note weight. Habanot Nechama’s “Ever” is a great benchmark, the Moonlight’s presentation feels balanced with all ranges having a clean, detailed, and dynamic output.

The tonality of the instruments feels accurate, and the imaging and stereo separation is wonderful. The tonality of the guitar sounds very realistic, neutral, and natural. The upper midrange is delightfully tuned, it is not sharp or overly energetic. It carries a great amount of detail and extension while staying out of sibilance. Upper mids are resolving, clean and natural. Hi-hats do not feel brittle, etched, or strident. The Moonlight is very impressive, but it definitely needs a proper source despite its 8-ohm sensitivity value.


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