EgglestonWorks Nico Evo $6000 Review

October 7, 2022 Comments Off on EgglestonWorks Nico Evo $6000 Review

EgglestonWorks hasn’t gone for a niche in the market – a standmounter for places where their floorstanders won’t fit. It has instead taken the opportunity to deliver what a good standmounting loudspeaker does best, be that imaging, coherence, speed, or intimacy. And it can go loud and drive hard without obvious signs of strain, so it’s clearly not just a smaller speaker for smaller spaces. I could well imagine this as a winning solution for a larger, but acoustically ‘difficult’ room. Subject to my reservations about the supplied stands, I think EgglestonWorks have largely succeeded in their aim to let the Nico Evo be the best loudspeaker it can be for its price.


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