Perlisten Audio R7t Loudspeaker Review

October 9, 2022 Comments Off on Perlisten Audio R7t Loudspeaker Review

Perhaps, then, this isn’t quite the speaker for ultimate audiophile analysis. But it is one for eliciting an emotional response. Dire Straits’ ‘Tunnel Of Love’ [Making Movies; Vertigo 800 050-2] sounded sublime, with punchy drums, smooth keyboards, textured vocals and a fine rendition of one of the greatest guitar solos ever played. For those who like to close their eyes during listening, the R7ts are heaven sent. Put another way: as Knopfler’s Schecter Strat gave way to the piano toward the track’s end, I started to well up. It really was that good.

Hi-Fi News Verdict
A floorstander with the voluminous output you’d expect given the size, the R7t backs up this sense of scale with savvy soundstaging, a flair for transients and deep, tuneful bass. Yes, it’s overshadowed – also in price and size – by Perlisten’s own S7t model, but the value-for-money here is off the charts. If your listening room can accommodate it, this ‘second-best system’ would make a great first choice.


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