Nordost QNet network switch & QSource linear power supply

October 18, 2022 § Leave a comment

When I ditched QNet’s switch-mode wall wart for the QSource, a touch of brightness I’d been hearing vanished and all the QNet’s positive effects increased. With more silence came more beauty and detail—and with it, more light and spiritual insight. Those insights aren’t always pretty—take Callas’s voice as Lady Macbeth—but they inevitably get me closer to truth, whose essence can be as terrible and earth-shaking as it can be beautiful and beneficent. I can honestly say that the QNet/QSource pairing transported me closer to my ultimate goal, which is to move closer to the source of artistic creation and the artists I love.

When I disconnected the Roon Nucleus+ server/streamer from the HDPlex 300 and powered it, as well, with the QSource, I heard even more color, detail, and clarity. As another veil lifted, images again grew in size and became more believable. Yes, I compared connector cable options. The Nordost premium QSource DC cables delivered more vibrant energy and subtle dynamic/ tonal shifts than the stock cables. The premium’s gauge is thicker.


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