Tannoy Stirling Prestige Gold Reference loudspeaker Review

October 21, 2022 § Leave a comment


The Stirling’s 1″-thick grille, which is inset flush with the cabinet edge, is the heaviest and thickest I’ve ever seen. It’s covered in a tweedlike fabric that reminds me of a blazer worn by a character from a ’60s TV show. The grille snaps into place magnetically and is also held in place by the same mechanism found on earlier Tannoy speakers, released with a gold-plated key near the bottom. “This is a classic Tannoy design,” Deal explained. “Fans like the big grille and key for removal. Tannoy avoids the use of plastic pins in this design. … Owners leave them either on or off.”

Around the back, four large, sturdy binding posts allow for biwiring; a fifth post enables optional earth-grounding to the amplifier chassis, presumably to reduce EMI reception. Four thick, color-coded wire jumpers were included to connect high- and low-frequency posts.


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