Pear Audio Blue Odar Turntable with Cornet 3 Tonearm REVIEW

October 22, 2022 § Leave a comment

If you want to play records, this is the way to go in my view.  (If you are totally focused on correct pitch, you could look for a used Nakamichi disc-centering turntable; otherwise, this is the one.) All the Pear Audio designs of Peter Mezek aim at the same goals of silence, solidity, absence of micro-speed variations, and absence  of grit, grain, and resonance effects. In short, they are designed to reproduce what is actually on the record—and, of course, there are some definite things on it. One of the less expensive Pear Blue setups will likely get you close to the ultimate that the Odar/Cornet 3 combination represents. But if you want to go for the best, here it is. Typical analog playback reviews are usually “yes and then again no.” This one is all “yes.” The Blue Odar is different and better at a price that is lower than other super-tables. 


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