Engström ARNE Tube Amplifier Review

October 26, 2022 Comments Off on Engström ARNE Tube Amplifier Review


Ahead of those 300B power tubes, used in push/pull configuration, is a quartet of D3a driver/ phase-splitter triodes – again two for each channel – which are direct-coupled to the power section. The designer explains that ‘the driver stage has a symmetrical ± power supply so the DC level on the output of the driver is zero, making it possible to connect the driver stages directly to the grids of the power tubes which have individual cathode bias’.

The intent of this design, which is entirely in-house Engström thinking, is aimed at extending headroom and reducing distortion without compromising transient performance. Quite apart from the impressive output for a 300B amplifier of this kind, the ARNE promises real speaker-driving capability, without the need to seek out ultra-high-sensitivity ‘made for valves’ loudspeakers to make the most of usually tiny – often single-digit – power outputs. This is a world away from the ‘purist’, though not necessarily ‘pure’, single-ended single-300B amp


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