Wilson Audio LōKē Subwoofer $8750 REVIEW

November 6, 2022 Comments Off on Wilson Audio LōKē Subwoofer $8750 REVIEW

The LoKe has become a valued part of my audio arsenal. Put bluntly, I’m smitten. The most important attribute that it has for my system is to create an enveloping sense of music in my listening room. It suffuses it with music. When I listen without the LoKe, the system simply sounds more two-dimensional. It lacks that sense of oozing sound emanating throughout the room. There are times when I’ll listen to my speakers with no subs at all. (I like to listen to different setups.) But for the ultimate listening pleasure, there’s no substitute for a quad of subs. This is a more than worthy successor to the older Wilson WATCH Dog subwoofer, which was no slouch itself. Daryl Wilson, who has succeeded to the helm of Wilson, deserves a lot of credit for successfully steering the company into a new era. If you have a big system and are hankering for more, then the LoKe may well offer it. The old audio rule holds: There is no replacement for displacement.


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