LSA VT-70 integrated amplifier Review

November 15, 2022 Comments Off on LSA VT-70 integrated amplifier Review

 V3 and V4 on the right. Pull the left switch toward you (position V1) to get a reading on the state of the first tube. The left needle should jump to the middle of the meter’s red zone and stay there. Now, push the switch to the rear, to the V2 position, and again watch the needle. Then do the same with the switch and the meter on the right. If necessary, insert a small slotted screwdriver in the corresponding hole marked “BIAS ADJ” and gently turn the trimpot until you’ve nudged the needle to the correct position. The process took about a minute for all four tubes. LSA recommends a monthly bias check, but during the three months I had the amplifier in my system, the VT-70 was completely stable, no adjustments needed.


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