LSA Warp 1 Power Amplifier $1499 Review

November 19, 2022 Comments Off on LSA Warp 1 Power Amplifier $1499 Review

At the opening of this review, I posed the question as to whether the LSA Warp 1 Class D amplifier could replace a solid-state Class A power amplifier. My conclusion is if you use a Class A amplifier partially because of its effect on the harmonic balance of your system, then no, the Warp 1 will not be an interchangeable substitute, because it has a different and, to my ear, more neutral, slightly less euphonic harmonic balance than a traditional Pass Class A design. But if you’ve ever wanted to hear what your system would sound like with an exceedingly noise-free power amplifier that produces a remarkably even-handed harmonic balance, then yes, the Warp 1 would be a viable power amplifier option.

Given its rather modest price of $1495, you might be tempted to write off the Warp 1 as just another me-too, mid-fi Class D power amplifier. That would be a mistake. I have, over the years, listened to plenty of Class D power amplifiers…so far, the Warp 1 is the best-sounding one I’ve reviewed. If you have loudspeakers that are at least reasonably efficient (or better), and you have no need to warm up their sonic personality, the Warp 1 power amplifier could be an excellent and exceedingly rational choice as your next reference power amplifier. 


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