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The Aquarius is also featuring a twin oscillator design, which “supplies” a constant temperature, always improving the unit’s performance. Aquarius also sports an O-type single crystal copper transformer as packaged linear power supply, resulting in low distortion and low noise. The linear regulator can isolate the digital and analog parts of the multi-level power supply, to ensure low noise and stable power supply voltage for the DAC.

Using the main control ALTERA high-efficiency chip, the audio signal transmission is not distorted, and the sound quality can reach the HIFI standard hardware. The simple design makes the signal circuit reach a more ideal state, and the sense of hearing is clearer and more balanced than the traditional design.

Tuning wise, the Aquarius offer a series of self-developed and designed digital filters, working in 16 X Over Sampling mode, each Level of filter has a 32-bit input resolution, which can greatly increase dynamic contrast, analysis, and more natural and delicate timbre, etc.


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