Sendy Apollo Headphones $499 Review

November 21, 2022 § Leave a comment

The Beatles “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” (24-bit/96kHz) makes for an instant treat, and more clearly demonstrates the Apollos’ capabilities. As the intro notes pan back and forth, the Sendys become spacious and open, throwing the tones out into a farther reach. Vocals sit tight against the ears, while the drums distinctively come from behind my head. It is now an expansive, multi-dimensional sphere, weightless and tremendously enjoyable.

Wrapping It Up

During my time with Sendy Apollos, I compared them to a few of my own headphones, plus another pair on loan to me. With each comparison, I found the Apollos to be far and away a more comfortable, balanced, and better fit around my ears. Since some of my listening sessions with them went long, this comfort was hugely appreciated. Sonically, the Apollos performed well above their $499 price point, even with the use of a mobile phone. I may even invent a few reasons to escape before our time is done.


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