Heavenly Soundworks Five17 $10,000 Review

November 22, 2022 Comments Off on Heavenly Soundworks Five17 $10,000 Review

As designers get more control over frequency response and radiation pattern, it becomes more and more clear that they are not all aiming at the same thing. This situation makes it even more important that one listens carefully for oneself. No one else can walk that path for you, of trying to decide what you want your speakers to do. The Five17s present a distinctive view and a definite philosophy of how a loudspeaker should behave. It is surely worth checking them out—there is not much else around like them, since most DSP designers are going via the narrow-pattern controlled-directivity route and for a slight, or not so slight, downslope in on-axis response. The Five17s do neither of those things but present a different view of neutral sound, and one which can be convincing, indeed. Your choice. What they do, they do very well, and in a remarkably small and elegant package. 


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