Legato Duo Loudspeakers from Sonner Audio | REVIEW

December 6, 2022 Comments Off on Legato Duo Loudspeakers from Sonner Audio | REVIEW

When Gunny handed off the Duos to me at the Pacific Audio Fest, he seemed apologetic when he told me that due to supply chain issues, he had to raise his prices. I replied that everyone is dealing with the same thing in this industry, so everyone should understand. Then he told me the new price, $9,500/pair USD. I almost laughed. These speakers, the Sonner Audio Legato Duos, were under ten grand per pair? That simple fact makes these splendid transducers an out-and-out bargain, and they’re worthy of stellar amplification—which I gave ‘em.

It’s funny, though, that now I shift my attention to the Sonner Audio Allegro Unum, a two-way bookshelf monitor that’s still the flagship of the Sonner company. I’ve already compared them to the Sonner Audio Legato Duos quite a bit, and each speaker has slightly different tastes when it comes to matching to an acoustic space, but that spirit is in both, that gentle and music-loving spirit that Gunawan Surya and his team puts into everything they do. Highly recommended.


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