Questyle M15 Portable DAC & Headphone Amp $269 Review

December 8, 2022 Comments Off on Questyle M15 Portable DAC & Headphone Amp $269 Review

The only fault that I can find with the Questyle M15 is the absence of a volume control, either physically or in software. The DragonFlys all have a software volume control that allows for very fine control of the unit’s volume. The M15, on the other hand relies on the source component’s (phone, pad or computer) volume control to set the SPL of the playback. I don’t know of any device which doesn’t digitally control its sound output, but I’m sure some exist. This is, in my humble opinion, a serious omission on Questyle’s part. Perhaps they couldn’t find a way to include a volume control without compromising audio performance, in which case, I kind of understand, but still…

I heartily recommend the Questyle M15 for all of one’s portable headphone listening. When introduced early in 2022, the M15 sold for US$249. Since then the price has increased to US$269, but in this writer’s opinion, this is still a reasonable price for such a premium product.  Whether your private listening preferences run to IEMs or high-end, over the ear headphones, the Questyle M15 will drive them with ease


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