Atohm GT1-HD Loudspeaker $4499  Review

December 8, 2022 Comments Off on Atohm GT1-HD Loudspeaker $4499  Review

Second, are standmount speakers your only option (or preference) over floorstanding speakers? If yes, then you should definitely audition the GT1-HD. In my opinion, the Atohm performs as well as many floorstanders. If you are not committed to the bookshelf format, then consider including floorstanding speakers in your audition. At this price point, there are some solid options out there.

Lastly, are you someone who appreciates a product that is designed and manufactured by an independent company, where the owner is also the designer, and there’s a story and a face behind the product? Or are you a diehard audiophile who feels that the end product is all that matters? If you are the former, then the GT1-HD just might check another box. The combination of all these attributes could make the Atohm GT1-HD an irresistible prospect.


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