Raidho TD2.2 Loudspeaker $46,500  Review

December 13, 2022 Comments Off on Raidho TD2.2 Loudspeaker $46,500  Review

e—the TD1.2 also projects out into the listening area in a way that includes a good deal of the space between the speakers and the listener. In a recording where the brass section plays loudly, for example, or a singer really sings to the balcony, that projected sound extends into the listening room in an approximation of what happens in live music. The effect allows for a greater sense of immediacy and listener involvement than a more ‘contained-box’ soundstage does.” I also included the following clarification: “I don’t associate this soundstage projection with ‘forwardness.’ For one thing, it only happens when the recording has an element that projects to the front as it would in real life. It is not a consistent characteristic across most recordings. And second, the TD1.2 is not at all hyped up or overly ‘hot’ sounding, as is often the case with forward-sounding speakers. On the contrary, the TD1.2 is remarkably revealing without sounding forced or aggressive. Its grain-free, detailed-without-brightness quality is one of its endearing attributes, actually.” If memory serves me, the larger TD2.2 does this “breathe into the room” effect even better than the TD1.2 did.


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