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I believe the midrange to upper midrange region is the star of the Wraith’s signature. The vocals and the instruments sound realistic, and organic while Wraith immediately makes you feel like tapping the floor during good Jazz tracks. Wraith stage projection is intimate. It puts the stage in front of your nose, up close. The perception of depth rather than width is more dominant. The imaging and the layering are great. The high treble travels through the stage and decays naturally, the Wraith uses its superior depth very well. The treble has enough bite without sounding strident and carries a good amount of detail. The Wraith gets a bonus resolution boost from here. The attack decay is very good.

PRaT-wise, Wraith feels dynamic and vibrant. It has no trouble dealing with complex passages, despite having a stage that is limited in width. On a side note, I wish it had slightly more clamping force as the sub-bass depends on that a little too much.

Overall, the Wraith is an excellent performer when it comes to certain genres and offers a different flavor compared to other planar headphones with its impressive technical foundation.


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